Daughter of Gloriavale : my life in a religious cult

Tarawa, Lilia

Summary: Lilia grew up in a religious cult. Since birth she'd known nothing but life on the inside of the Gloriavale Christian Community. The cult was led by her grandfather, Hopeful Christian. On one hand she was accustomed to religious abuse and discrimination. On the other hand, she experienced a loving church community. Her family was one of high status in the church. Her mother was the highest ranking woman and her father sat on the elite council. Family members began to disappear from the property and people who defied the leaders were kept in huts. Lilia started to question what she'd been taught as a child. When Lilia's parents dared oppose the church system she was torn between two families she loved dearly - Gloriavale and her own blood. Her religious vows bound her to the church but her heart wrenched her away. More lies and deceit were uncovered and Lilia realised that total obedience to the church wasn't going to work anymore. But she couldn't leave. She was so afraid of a world she knew nothing about. Love prevailed and she fled with her entire family. Their leaving sent shockwaves through the community. But it wasn't over. Lilia struggled to adapt to life on the outside. Would she be damned to hell for leaving? Simple things like dressing style and social cues were a nightmare. She'd lost everything she'd ever known. Who was she and what did she believe in? It was time to confront the demons. She wanted to know the truth about her grandfather's sexual indecencies and she wanted peace from the grief that racked her soul. (Books in Print)

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Lilia Tarawa
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