Midsummer meltdown

Hopkins, Cathy.

Series: Truth, dare, kiss, promise series

Summary: Lia is thrilled when her parents organise a holiday for not only
her, but all her and brother Ollie's friends as well. Lia imagines romantic scenes in an exotic
location with her boyfriend, Squidge. Then disaster strikes. Squidge has an accident, breaking his leg,
and can't go. He insists that she go without him. Things start to get tricky when Ollie's friend
Michael makes it clear he likes Lia. Lia had a major crush on him when she was younger. Can Lia resist
the temptation? And what will she tell Squidge when she returns home? No matter how good-natured
Squidge is, will he be able to control his frustration and feelings of jealousy?
location:Romance, Love Stories
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ISBN:1853408905 9781853408908
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