This way to paradise

Hopkins, Cathy.

Series: Cinnamon Girl
bk 1
Meet India Jane.
Known to her friends and big, chaotic family as Cinnamon Girl. Born in India, she's lived all over the
world. But what she really wants is to stop travelling and have a real home.
Just when it looks as though she'll get her wish, her father lands a job which means the family are on
the move again. So India Jane is sent off to her aunt's new age holiday centre for the summer. It could
be paradise - but India Jane feels alone and confused.
Should she party withher rebelloius cousin, Kate? Or search for inner peace with the meditation crowd?
And will mystery boy Joe help India Jane discover where her true happiness lies?
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Romance L015528
call #:HOP
ISBN:1853409006 9781853409004